Agora na Martin Boutique Wines, o fantástico Lambrusco Emilia Rosato Albinea Canali Ottocentorosa



Bubbles, cocktails and postcards from around the world.
The day you wish for, what you dream of and what you can see.

A bit rouge, never too pink, a wonderful rosé.
Rosé for eight hundred special reasons.
Because the night is tender, because the grape I squeeze at harvest-time is alive… and you drink it, while I look into your eyes.
Just as you are, whenever you want, when you call me and I invite you to get the party started.

Rosé of seduction, of the silence before laughter among girl friends.
Rosé like the grape’s free-run juice.
An invitation to drink the feminine essence of Lambrusco, to play at identifying scents: fruit or flower?
Both: once on the palate, another time on the nose… and another in your heart.

You allow yourself to be enraptured by a kiss of lively perlage. Ottocentorosa of sensuous discovery.

Agora na Martin Boutique Wines, este fantástico Lambrusco, com um custo de 6,90€ a garrafa.

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